Final packaging of export goods.

About us

AFTs mission is to provide services for the processing of dry powder in the beginning, middle or end of your supply-chain.

AFT is a family business founded in 1978. The owners are working actively in the company. We do not sell  our own powder products, thus avoiding potential conflict.

Our services meets three needs:

    1. Reduce your concerns in terms of difficult powder handling.
    2. Get your powder to work.
    3. Add value to your products.

Our client relationships are often long lasting. Customers see us as one of their own production resources.

Today we have 4200 m² of factory built on 10,000 m² of land, with 14 separate processing facilities, a good power supply of 1030 kVA. We are now investing in three new processes, 5000 m² new ground and four new processing facilities. This is in anticipation of new exciting powder projects. Why not yours?