Micronization of seaweed.

Seaweeds have various applications. They are difficult to micronize since they are very abrasive, which creates several problems:

  • The grinder is rapidly worn out which contaminates the powder with iron dust. This is expensive as well.
  • The microniser heats up and the powder is submitted to a heat-shock destroying different substances in it.

Our process is fresh with a low level of contamination. Some transformation is carried out under dry atmosphere making it possible to grind extracts without creating lumps.

We've got experience with the following seaweeds:

  • Algae Ascophyllum nodosum 40µm.
  • Red Algae Delesseria sanguinea 3mm and 40µm.
  • Algae Fucus vesiculosus 3mm, 630µm and 40µm.
  • Algae Lichen Carrageen 2mm, 630µm and 40µm.
  • Algae Laminaria digitata 4mm, 250µm, 40µm.
  • Algae extract Carrageenan E407 40µm.
  • Algae Lithotamne 17µm.