Grinding and micronization

AFTs excellence is grinding. Since each grinding technique has a limited usage, we have invested in many different mills. Through us you have access to most of the technologies that exist in the market.

Cryo grinding

Freezing your product with liquid nitrogen (-196 °C) before grinding to: 

  • Make it brittle
  • Protect its essential oils and aromas
  • Avoid heating

Grinding in a low-oxygen atmosphere

Grinding of your powder in a low oxygen atmosphere in order to avoid: 

  • Oxidisation
  • Humidity (lumps...)

Classical grinding

AFT has a wide range of standard mills, which increases the possibilities to process your specific powder:

  • Hammer mills
  • Sieve mills
  • Knife mills
  • Attrition mills
  • Ball mills
  • Double rotor pin mill

Micronization by air-classifier mill

 Fine grinding with this technique is possible thanks to a classifier emitting only fine particles. Coarse grains are guided back into the grinding chamber.