Jet mill

Jet milling

To grind the powder to the micron size, we use jet milling technology. A process that usually is reserved for the pharmaceutical industry is now being offered to other business areas. Also the cosmetics industry needs access to this technology.

The advantages are:

  • Super fine grinding
  • Cool and dry grinding
  • No pollution because the powder grinds itself
  • Interesting particle shape

The powder's final quality is directly proportional to the compressed air quality. For example: Some powders are micronised with the help of 38 m3 of air per minute (under 10 bar pressure), with a capacity of 70 kg of powder per hour.

As the air stream is in contact with the powder, the smallest oil pollution could destroy the powder. Therefore, our process air is made ​​with oil-free compressors, and it is dried and filtered.