Supply chain, Out sourcing & Capacity

In these uncertain times it is difficult to plan long term. Well done outsourcing will help eliminate inefficiencies, minimize your capital tied up, improve your service and delivery. We guarantee that you get better quality in your supply chain.

Although we can respond to punctual needs, we often create long-term, integrated partnerships with our clients where we often respond with great capacity.

When reaching medium volumes, we make sure that the trucks are always fully loaded, through loading processed powder in the same trucks that delivered the new goods. This is economical from every angle. Excempel: A complete long-distance transport between the deep port of Antwerp and AFT, round trip, with load capacity of 13.5m, 24500 kg (and 24500 kg back) costs € 1,800. The transport price per kg = 1800 € / (2 * 24500kg) = 0.04 € / kg.

Now, we increase our capacity of cryo grinding and air-classifier micronization. We are looking actively for long-term customer relationships with matching volumes.