Particle size

Since our core business is fragmentation, particle size is essential information, that can complement the understanding of how the powder works in your process.

Associated files

  • In some cases, you can express the target through values ​​of d (v, 0.1) and d (v, 0.9), and more.
  • Sometimes expression could be "somewhere between couscous and flour".
  • Other clients needs "a fluid powder melting within 10 minutes in a rotor mould".
  • If you want to copy a grain size, send us a sample for analysis in our laboratory. It does not need to be the same substance, only the particle size is correct.
  • Based on these inputs we provide you with samples. You select one that works well in your process.
  • After R & D phase, the particle size distribution is more used to show that the process is stable.
  • The enclosed PDF file shows the accuracy over 22 batches. The client is happy if the mean particle size is between 4.5 µm and 6.5 µm.